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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Back to School???

I am back at school... back in the states and images from last week are haunting me. Faces and images of buried lives flash through my head when I'm trying to sleep, to walk, to study, to.... We all walk around as if we are invincible and although we may feel something close to sadness when we see the headlines about floods in international news, our thoughts soon shift to upcoming football games and Thanksgiving plans just as fast as this news makes its way out of the media. Yet in El Salvador it is not passing and it will be a long, long haul. Beth is doing incredible work. I wish I were still there to accompany her and the Salvadoran people. I am not sure why we build universities as institutions isolated from the reality of this world... it makes no sense to me. 

Although we are pulled in so many directions in the midst of our frantic busyness here, I invite you to be in solidarity with those whose families, homes, and crops... everything they'd worked for years to build... were washed away in one night because it rained in a place where capitalism and greed leave the majority on the margins and treats them as dispensable. 

Please spread the word. Having worked for a week with Beth in the wake of this disaster I have complete confidence in her. Please donate and spread the word. This not so natural disaster did not take place in a vacuum. It has everything to do with us and our complicity in the creation of a world where consumerism and neoliberal agendas prevail at the expense of human lives around the world. Please join with us as we work with Salvadorans to create a sustainable future for members of buried communities and recreate the paradigm of what is "normal" for marginalized Salvadorans.

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