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Friday, November 20, 2009

big people and little people

Seattle U- I want you to know that we were able to give blankets to a blind man named jose antonio sanchez. his bathroom (half the house really) fell off the cliff, and his bed fell apart. he has been sleeping on a cold hard table, until we were able to give him blankets and a mattress (donated by FMLN Santa Ana). It was a special moment as his mother covered him in blankets with a HUGE smile.

As I left, she ran after me to give me corn patties and a huge bag of oranges. I hope I am never desensitized to salvadoran generosity.

This morning was fantastically interesting.

Mercedes and I worked out way into the World Food Program meeting this morning. While Jonathan was detained at the door and kicked out of the building as they realized we were not big important people, Mercedes and I had already rushed into the meeting.

By the time people realized what had happened, we found ourselves at the table with 20 of the biggest wig NGO leaders in the country. director of save the children, SHARE, CRS, Lutheran World Relief, World Food Program, UN people, and more...

When it came time to introduce ourselves, we introduced ourselves as mujeres transformando, a small NGO no one had heard of... but it was too late to kick us out.

We sat silently and did not interrupt the meeting, learning about all the holes in the NGO coverage of the country. it was hard to think about all those communities that existed in those red areas. we know there are more communities out there in a worse situation, cause they dont have beth, the pick up, the network of donors etc.

anyways, it was SO WORTH IT. we connected with PLAN, with CRS, and others who excitedly scribbled down our stats and telephone numbers and have already emailed me. no one pledged support at the moment, but i feel like we are getting closer. it was a pretty big break through

in the mean time, we have a great team heading back to santiago texacuangos tommorrow. its about time.

me, maggie (VMM volunteer working in mejicanos), brian and sam (SCU alums doing social justice business- rad stuff with technology and communications for the poor- look for computod@s), maria and rita, (becarios from the casa program), and Magda (this really awesome woman who works at CRS and does urban youth groups to mitigate gang violence).

a stellar team.

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