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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

how long can a child with diarrhea live without clean water?

This is the question of the day.

Unfortunately, things are getting worse instead of getting better.

There was no water in the Santiago Texacuangos. There was no water in Santo Tomas. I had to drive to San Salvador to buy water today so we could deliver it to a community that has been without clean water for 5 days.

That is not to say there is no water per se. There is dirty water. Unfortunately, the water is full of letrine runoff (aka human feces), trash, soil, and rocks. People without water for 5 days will not die of thirst. But will they die of dehydration anyway? I went to a community today called Santa Cruz de la Vega, and the community leader told me almost all the kids of diarrhea. Did we bring enough medicine and water to cure them all? Absolutely not.

I saw a child scramble up the path after a two hour hike. His lips were so parched they were cracking. I offered him my bottle of water, and he drank it in 30 seconds.

Where is the red cross? Where is CRS? Where is the government? I am not sure how long this girl, her truck, and her friends can keep people alive. I keep reading about help coming in the news....where is it? I called an NGO today who told me they were "meeting about it." I asked them if they could bring food and water instead of going to more meetings.

I hope help comes soon. I am not sure how long children can survive this...

I am not going tommorrow. We are out of money, and I dont think I can physically or emotionally handle another day in the field. Sam, Annie, Ashton, and others are working hard to find SOMEONE...some NGO that can help in a more sustainable way. In the mean time, I want you to know that your donations are literally keeping Salvadorans alive.

I hope to have more hopeful news soon. Please continue to pray, meditate, donate, or whatever makes sense to you.

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