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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Is there no one but us?

Above is Jessica. For those who do not speak spanish, she is 9 years old. She hiked up a hill 4-5 hours with her mother to get food and water. Although her house did not wash away, her family is without food, water and electricity. It will be a difficult year- their entire family income is washed away. Jessica does not go to school- this is where it gets hard. Families that were poor BEFORE the landslide become the most vulnerable during the slide. Of course.

I want to tell you about my very frustrating morning. I spent the morning on the phone and email with the UN, the World Food Program, CRS, and other big orgs. We thought- we need a big organization right? Wrong. Big orgs. only work with small orgs. I could not get ANY food, water or help for our communities, because big orgs only deliver to NGOs. There is no NGO in our area. There is a chick in a pick up and a really nice woman named mercedes who buy food water and meds with your money. you know this story.

I want to get real and sustainable- but its hard. The whole problem and reason WHY santiago texacuangos was so vulnerable and has not seen much aid is that there is NO NGO we have found in the area to coordinate help. hmph. again the question.

is there no one but us?

Joya Grande has got good aid now (see article below) because it is big and easy to access.

Lack of ngo representation cuts off our access to international aid. Tommorrow is the World Food Program meeting to decide who gets what food and where. Its an NGO only kind of show. But who will represent the voices of children like Jessica?

Well, me, mercedes, and another salvadoran who know the tricks of the system named jonathan. I will not describe here the details of how we erm.... shall we way got ourselves invited to the meeting. But the important this is that we did, we are going, and we are going to get Santiago Texacuangos on the map of UN strategy. Pray that Mercedes' voice is heard Friday morning, and strength for her to carry the voice to the table. Jessica does not have an NGO to represent her, but she has one heck of Salvadoran that will speak for her tommorrow. And of course, Jesscia also has us.

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