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Friday, November 13, 2009

Red Cross and Lutheran World Relief Came Today!!!!!!

Despite the horrible occurence of pay pal deciding to cut off our efforts, (we are working on it, i would donate to Lutheran World Relief~ in the meantime).

A turning point was reached today. I am no longer the only one out there!!!!! I saw a red cross truck, which means Santiago Texcuangos is on the map in terms of being a critical area. Did one of you contact the Red Cross? I think you did.

Wanna know something INSANE?? Annie went to the feria yesterday where ALL the international aid get dropped off (like from other countries and stuff). Warehouses FULL of beans, bread, WATER, you name it they got it. It is being guarded by the army who are eating pupusas and looking at the stuff. That place should be as busy as a beehive. Like me, and everyone else in this effort, they should be losing lots of sleep in order to try and save human beings.

When Annie gave them our list of communities, they told us they already knew. They told us aid was slow. When Annie said "How do we get water to people faster?" They told her to go to the store and buy water and deliver it herself. That is exactly what we did last night at 530pm, when I got a call- we need water tonite or i think people will die tonite. Cash appeared (as it has been all week) and we went.

Today, there was a turning point. I think people are no longer in immediate danger of dying. The Unidad Ecologica Salvadorena AND Lutheran Church AND a professional photojournalist AND La Procuduria de Derechos Humanos Ambientales came. I hope things get better tommorrow.

Next big concern is clearing the road to let aid trucks in. Thus, the FMLN is mobolizing 400 people (I am contributing about 20 gringos- gracias to the students from the casa program alums reunion thing). We will work all day saturday and sunday with shovels to remove dirt from the road so trucks can get water in, sick people out, etc.

Things are getting better but its far from over. The next big concern is dengue. No running water plus landslide gunk breeds dengue mosquitos. When food/water is taken care of, shelter will be next i think. Disaster relief people told me that WATER running water will be really important.

I have a hunch that you all saved hundreds of lives. That's a pretty big deal. Although survival and human development are two different issues....

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