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Saturday, November 14, 2009

solidarity is when 500 people move a landslide off a road

i witnessed something very incredible today.
500 people (200 salvadorans who people in solidarity, 200 local community members, and about 20 gringos) cleared the road today in santiago texacuangos.
that means aid can get in without hiking 1-3hours ONE WAY (which is what we have been doing all week)
that means the extremeley sick can finally get out. life moves beyond survival and onto reconstruction.

we went and worked moving dirt off the road with shovels. All day. some of us made lunch to give out to workers (bean and avocado sandwhiches with an orange and a cookie) and then hiked around to give lunch to families. For many workers, it would be their only meal of the day.

the rest of the FMLN volunteers are sleeping on the concrete floor of a school, and waking up tommorrow at dawn to work again.

clearing the roads is a critical turning point, because supplies can get in. and we do it by hand.

today, a woman of 70 years walked up to us in the FMLN office, after hiking three hours. she asked us for one gallon of water. we gave it to her, and she walked back home. another 3 hours

but we had water to give

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