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Sunday, November 29, 2009

stories of s.cruz la vega, trauma, corruption, organizing...

I promise to update on the past week as soon as I have time and energy.

I cannot disclose information at this point (perhaps tmrw night), but need all your hope and prayers that a certain meeting with members of CRS, caritas, and mercedes is well recieved. or else we have another dead end and corruption gone wild and untold.

if such meeting goes poorly, please pray that the lutheran federation will help us fill out an insane amount of paper work tuesday morning so that we get access to world food program aid. we are very close to loosing it and need all your prayers. i am not capable of feeding 1,000 families. the UN is.

you should know we have built a movement here on the ground. there is a group of casa alums, my salvadoran friends, femenists, etc that are meeting weekly in san salvador to strategize, make contact etc. the energy i get from this group, the volunteers who have been taking days of work to organize communities, bring food and water, teach me accounting (you will recieve a financial statement, i promise!), those who have helped us solved ebay problems....etc. all of the volunteer work gives me and mercedes the energy to work nights, days, morning and weekends. you rock and keep me hopeful admist corruption and gossip and a whole lot of frustrating misery.

finally, we are focusing on 1. trauma therapy and 2. organizing the municipio
we found a group of volunteer psychologists and theatre people and artists in santa maria. trying to figure out how to replicate this in 30 others communities. obviously people need food and water to survive. however, talking to a blind woman in santa cruz la vega (with bloodied and bruised legs because the landslide threw her out of her house and down the mountain. she cannot sleep at night because she thinks she is gonna die every time she lays down) makes me realize that emotional healing is just as important. people who are not sleeping or want to die are going to have a hard time recontrsucting their house. let alone their destroyed field of crops. sheesh.
2. we are trying to help organizing communities to start demanding things from thier government. from the mayor office. mercedes is working on teach people how to be leaders. how to participate in democracy etc. how to find thier own NGOs and support instead of relying on beth and her pickup and friends. it is a slow but very important process.

finally, i think you should know that is rained last week. and we had a 5.5 earthquake. thanks to god that the houses perched on cliffs with crumbling foundations did not fall over in our area. the main problem again in is TRAUMA. i got phone calls with sobbing voices on the other line begging me to check the whether and asking me what to do. um. pray? we told people to call proteccion civil (like the national guard i think) since i am not a meteorologist or expert in any capacity. my one advantage or skill is that people trust me and i answer all phone calls. proteccion civil did not answer. long story short , no one slept that night because they all though they were going to die and thier house would fall on them. i hope trauma therpay will fix this situation.

please pray and hope that is does not rain or earthquake. and that the world food program comes thru.

also important to note that i do not think people are in danger of death in terms of lacking food and water. lots NGOs have come thru and dropped off random packages of food. sadly, in santa cruz la vega unicef dropped of 50 packages. 75 people live there. it was hard to see people get turned away with nothing. :(. fortunately, we brought food and water that day :). so those 25 families lucked out thanks to your support. yay for you! yay for the UNICEF to cover the other 50 packages?!?!?!

keep the donations coming dear friends. we need it for supplies to do trauma therpay. and feed people until december 15th.... LOVE

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