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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

we need big NGO support


I called the FMLN tonite and there is still little to no help in most places in Santiago Texacuangos. Many are living off the water and the food I have bought (with your money) and it is not enough. In fact, talking with Mercedes in Santa Maria Sunday, she told me they were STILL finding houses and bodies. She found elderly people who lived alone far away who could not walk to get help. Our information is incomplete. I fear by the time we find everyone, we will have lost them.

please distribute this infomation to any salvadoran contacts. I really need formal support- these communities need UNICEF or the UN or someone. I know I have said this before. I will keep pleading for it and email and calling and faxing everyone i know until help comes. Please do the same if you know ANYONE. Stats below. I must say, trying to write the stats of people who died in communities that I have come to know and love is really hard. But, adelante. someone has gotta do it. and the FMLN has no computer or internet, so that someone is me.

I have taken two days off to organize and get more media and call more NGOs. I have some hopeful news-

*Crossing Fingers* Jen Latimer (scu alum) or Jenna Knapp(Notre Dame student) hopefully get a call from the Ignatian Teach-in Soa Planning people that they get to speak for 2 minutes at the teach in and tell our story. These two girls amazing girls are casa alums and were here with me on the ground last week delivering food and water, making lunches, hugging children and mothers, bearing witness to this not so natural disaster.

If they get 2 minutes, they get to tell our story to an audience of THOUSANDS. and not just any audience- its the Jesuit family. Its a bunch of people who LOVE social justice, who LOVE el salvador, and who gather for the martyers. They will hear the cry of Salvadorans. I hope Jenna and Jen get to carry that voice at the School of the America's protest next weekend.

I am going back tommorrow. I have a truck full of supplies- THANK YOU SEATTLE UNIVERSITY. Medicine, clothes, and can you believe it **stuffed animals!** I have been so focused on keeping people alive I forgot about the spirit. Thank you seattle u, for remembering the the joy of children is essential to the survival of any human community. You rock.

Two days sitting in San Salvador is too long. I am pulled back to the communities. My sleep is interrupted by the faces of children. Everyone tells me to take care of myself. I do not understand much of what that means- there is no relaxing when you know what i know as i have said before.

I also want to compart that we now have a good connection with CRS. I have a manual on trauma therapy that I hope to work with- apparently in the words of CRS Latin America Director Rick Jones says that trauma therapy is to "help move people from victim to survivor and use the trauma of loss toward being an agent for change....After an emergency there is a short window of opportunity to do this. It will not last more than a month or two. Once people get there houses and get settled they will go back to doing thigs as they always did. this trauma part can lead toward greater understanding and openness to change. Its a critical step. this will strengthen the organziation at the community level and peoples receptivity to new ideas and changing behaviors." Rick worked with earthquake trauma theraphy and apparently had amazing results. The prospect of helping communities really heal is exciting.

I hope we have enough money to rebuild emotional as well as physical lives. I think we will. Thank you. I hope I have good news tommorrow.


Datos de las communidades

November 12 2009
Situacion de Santiago Texacuangos (San Salvador) y San Francisco Chinamequita (La Paz)

Datos recientes de FMLN de Santiago Texacuangos. Contactos- Lolli- 7328.4324 y Jose Angel 7351.0431 o Elizabeth Quiterio 2218.5613 7998.5074 7358.6320

Colonia Dalmacia- 16 familias afectadas
El Sauce- 28 familias afectadas
Loma Linda- 12 familias afectadas
Santa Cruz La Vega- 35 familias afectadas
Santa Maria de La Esperanza- 70 familias afectadas
Joya Grande Sector Playa- 513 viviendas
Joya Grande Sector Los Planes- 78 viviendas

Canton Joya Grande
Sector Playa

-deslizamiento, derrumbres, e inundaciones
- 6 muertos
-desaparecidos ?
- damnificados?

-no hay agua potable
-no energia electrica
-carreteras obstruidas
-centro escolar afectada
-513 viviendas
cuantificada la cantidad de casas destruidas y danadas ha sido dificil permanecer en el sector un aproximado de 450 personas en espera de atencion de todo tipo de ayuda. Piden ademas encrementar vigilancia por incremento de pillaje. La mayor cantidad de personas esta en albergues en Ilopango

Canton Joya Grande
Sector: Los Planes
-derrumbes y deslizamiento
- muertos 3
-desaparecidos 1
-afectadas y evacuados?

-no hay agua potable, es necesario construir los pozas y reparar tanques y tubiera
- no hay energia electrica, hay postes y tendidos derribados
- carretera obstruida
-centro escolar esta funcionando como albergue y viviendas particulares
viviendas: 78
15 destruidas, el resto con danos y otros funcionando
se require alimentos y con urgencia agua. La persona desaparecida fue encontrada el dia de ayer (mujer).

Santa Cruz la Vega
Limite Santiago texacuangos y San Fco. Chinameca- ribera del Lago de Ilopango
30 familias evacuados, este dia un brigada nuestra (voluntaries) fue a reconociemiento y llevo viveres y agua (11-11-09)

Canton El Morro
Sector El Sauce
No tienen agua potable, se ha roto la tuberia y necesitan 4 tubos de 2” galvanizado, 2-3 postes para pasar sobre el rio la tuberia.
-El Puente se derrumbo.
2 casas destruidas y 15 casas danadas. Hay mas infraestructura danada, escuela, muros

Colonia Dalmacia 2
San Francisco y Santa Isabel
2 muertos
hay damnificados
8 casas destruidas
calles en derrumbes, no tienen agua,
adjutamos solicitud

colonia san Andres
Sector Instituto Nacional
No casas destruidas
4 muertos

Sector Lomas del Cemeterio
Calle obstruida y casas danadas
-no tenemos mas datos aun

Canton Shaltipa
Sector ojos de agua, La Cruz, y Pozos
3 casas destruidas
7 casa danadas
calle obstruida

Canton La Cuchilla
Sector Santa Rosa
4 casas destruidos

Santa Maria de La Esperanza
3 muertos
4 viviendas destruidas
casas danadas sin cuantificar

Sector Los Naranjos
4 casas destruidas

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