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Sunday, April 11, 2010

3:21 minutes on Indiana Station WFYI

Slowly but surely, we gain publicity. From Robyn Caponi reading a cry for help (an email i wrote to my mom that she forwarded to hundreds of people) at the Brebeuf Jesuit President's Dinner, To Chris Hallburg's NPR piece on relief work in Santa Cruz de la Vega, to Jenna Knapp and Jen Latimer Speech and Workshops at the Ignation Family Teach-In/ SOA Protest...we have made Indiana Public TV Station WFYI series "Across Indiana." Click here for the youtube version of the clip (my dad filmed it with his video cam and uploaded it...we hope to get a quality copy soon.

Thanks to my brother Michael for taking footage in Joya Grande this March and my mother for convincing the producers that this story was worth it. Jim Simmons, for capturing stories of fellow hoosiers in El Salvador (poet delegation to Quino Caso Foundation in Quezaltepeque).

Keep coming to El Salvador! Keep donating! lets keep this train ROLLING. trauma therapy with youth is going well but i REALLY want to raise money to do trauma therapy for the eldery. does anyone have contacts with NGOs or Foundations who do funding for that kinda thing? The AARP?

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