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Sunday, May 30, 2010

The rains stopped, things are calming, Joya Grande is OK.

I dont have much energy/time to write grand things...especially cuz i have a paper due to the UN really soon (today) but i asked for an extension due to the national state of emergency.

the president has declared a national state of emergency. 9 dead, 9,000 evacuated. It has stopped raining, yet we are still on red alert. a teeny little earthquake or a little rainstorm could cause massive landslides due the saturation of the earth.

the donation we recieved (plus $500 support from CRS, of which i did not even spend all of!) was just what we needed to equip the team, help evacuate joya grande yesterday, and even leave a little bit of gas just in case it rained.

There are 108 women and children in a shelter in Santiago, and the government and churches have it well stocked. It is amazing and completely different from november. i am pleasantly shocked to see how much people learned!!!

Joya Grande is supposedly under mandatory evacuation by the National Police, said so by president FUNES himself in a speech this afternoon.

The funny thing is, WE evacuated part of Joya Grande, and the government left over 200 families there. o, the REALITY and the GOVERNMENT are so very different in so many places in this world.

its wierd to hear reports on the ground with data and stats and know they are not real at all.

whats important, is that the damage to injury and human life has been few, people are more prepared, we were more prepared.

We hope to apply for a USAID grant directed toward Ida-Agatha reconstruction, especially having ALL disaster needs covered before it rains again. Like, having enough gas in the community to evacuate every single person god forbid something happens.
Lago de Ilopango, afterall, is an ACTIVE VOLCANO.

I promise to send a newsletter in the coming weeks and keep you all posted.

I think the scary part has past. getting people back to their houses and restarting trauma therapy will be difficult in the coming weeks and months.

but this is the reality of climate change. of the global south. of where poor internal migrants fleeing from civil wars live.

thanks so much for your support and prayers. it was very effective! please check out all the pics on

love and gratitude

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