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Monday, June 7, 2010

What it means to live in a "high risk community"-the pics

Photo 1a nd 1 b: Blue and Black Tarps bought with donations. Put in Los Cruces (shown in blue) El Sauce (black tarp). These tarps (so far) have mitigated risk for inhabitants of Los Cruces. After agatha, other parts of the hillslide eroded, but not where the tarps were! El Sauce (black tarp) has houses such as this, alongslide the river. We hope to slow erosion caused by the river. Ideally, we hope to be able to relocate these houses over the next year and build them new ones...
Photo 2: Don Ramon explaining that shifts in the river due to Ida means the river is eroding the land surrounding community water tanks they worked to build for 5 years and still manage. Photo 3 : tanks and erosion

Photo 4 (above right): The new bridge made by the community out of bamboo and a propped up tree. This allows kids to go to school (cuz they can cross the river) and farmer to tend their crops on the other side of the river. Unfortunately, the old bridge (destroyed in Ida) was big enough to get a car and ambulence across. Isolated community now bring patients on horseback.
Photo 5 (below) families from Joya Grande hanging out in the shelter from Tropical Storm Agatha (May 29-31).

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