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Monday, August 22, 2011

Help El Sauce youth fill the sinkhole in Joya Grande!

Friends- CEIBA wants to help one of our youth groups finish a service project we started with our St. Thomas Aquinas Delegation (Aug 6-15) to fill in a sinkhole described in an previous post on Josue's house together with the youth of the community, the youth from el sauce, another community, the kids in our emergency comite from el borborllon, and the gringos from indianapolis, we filled in 1/3 of the sinkhole with tires. We have 2/3 to go, and the salvadoran youth want to get this done and save Josue's house for real! Here is the unedited letter, pretty much directly translated-pictures of the progress we have made on the carcava so far below the letter. they need $600 to finish the job...

Santiago Texacuangos 15 August 2011

St. Thomas Aquinas Church
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

We humbly wish to write you wishing many blessings and success in your work and school.

Via this letter, we want to communicate with you and simultaneously give thanks to the youth who in solidarity collaborated with us on various community projects that benefited both El Sauce and the community of Joya Grande.

Via this letter we would also be very grateful if this delegation of youth with a little of their resources could help us with some economic support. Said support would serve as much help because it would cover costs of transportation and food so that we can help our brothers and sisters of Joya Grande to help finish filling the sinkhole that threatens many families from the previously mentioned community.

We want to thank you beforehand for your response to the request we write to you.

Sincerely, JUBDIS (Jovenes Unidos Buscando Desarrollo Integral El Sauce/ Youth United Seeking Integrated Development of El Sauce)

Fernando Jose Villelas Serrano
Mirna Roxana Urias Lopez
Jocelyn Yajaira Vasquez Perez
Jairo Francisco Diaz Hernandez
Lester Esau Perez Sariano
Jesus Enrique Lopez Lopez
Carlos Alberto Sanchez
Ricardo Francisco Urias Lopez
Henry Alexander Vasquez perez
Erlinda Beatriz Valladares
Carlos Alejandro Sorto
Milton Gustavo Cruz
Kevin Antonio Prolen
Jorge Eduardo Fuentes Moncada

Item    Number    Cost
Lunch for volunteers    140    350
Dinner for youth    25    37.50
Transportation to joya    -    40
Water    5    25
Gas    -    35
Breakfast    25    75
subtotal    -    557.50
Other possible costs    10% of total    55.75
TOTAL    -    613.25
Santiago Texacuangos 15 de Agosto 2011
Iglesia Santo Tomas de Aquino
Indianapolis Indiana USA

Atentamente nos dirigimos a ustedes deceandole muchas benidciones y exitos en las labores que desempenan.

Por medio de la presente les hacemos comunicar y asi mismo a gradecerles al grupo de jovenes que solidariamente nos colaboraron con diferentes trabajo a beneficios de la comunidad de El Sauce y el canton Joya Grande.

Por medio de la presente les agradeseremos mucho a este delegacion si  por medio de un poco de sus recursos nos pueden ayudar con aporte economico dicho aporte nos servira de mucho ayuda para asi poder cubrir gastos de transporte y alimentacion y asi poder ayudar a nuestros hermanos de joya grande para poder terminar una carcava que amenaza a varios familiars de la zona anteriormente mencionada.

Agradeciendole antemano su ponta respuesta a la solicitud nos suscribimos de ustedes.

JUBDIS (Jovenes Unidos Buscando Desarrollo Integral El Sauce)

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