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Friday, October 14, 2011

heavy rains-donate if you can.

dont have much time to write will post pictures next week.
intense rains in elsalvador since tuesday night are continuing into the weekend. the most affected part of the country are on the coast but santiago texacuangos is in danger.

we have yet to open shelters, but there are landslides that have partially destroyed or entered some houses.

the largest landslide so far is in el sauce, and has filled part of a house with mud. by the time i arrived, the youth group was there, barefoot, with mud up to their knees, digging the family out. jonathan, henry, and tito were working tirelessly.

joya grande is fine so far, but the road has been obstructed so we are only communicating by phone.

ceiba is coordianting with proteccion civil, since we are part of the comission municipal.

since we are trained in trauma therapy for kids, we are going to movilize to other parts of the country with more needs to implement tramua therapy in shelters (still deciding where, possibly la herradura in la paz or berlin in usulutan or in auhuchapan....we are coordinating with cipjes, unes, and the red cross to decide WHERE are people most underserved). we met at cafe la T last night with juancho from anmustpicial, erik and jenni to plan our campaign.

we are getting all of your donations out of our storage. the clothes, the batteries, the wigs, the puppets, and the crayons. THANK YOU SO MUCH. how useful they are these tough days.

we do need some monetary support-

$100 to buy plastic to prevent more landslides
$150 for gas to get to far away shelters this weekend to implement trauma therapy
$50 for communications (we have been using new early warning technology frontline SMS to communicate with local gov and the community leaders via text message. each text is .6 cents so its cheap...but we already used up $10 yesterday so if this continues we need support for the communications system.

i think about $300-500 bucks could get us thru the next few days and help A LOT.

the local gov office had no car (neither did the police, and the health clinic has no amblulence!) so i was driving a team from local gov and proteccion civil around to verify landslides, needs, write down names and stats. good think my car is in tip top condition ! just got it back from the shop....its a real tool worth investing in. the local gov gave me gas $$ to drive out to the most affected locations.
i have seen the most heartwrenching poverty these days.

kids in my youth group who literally live between pieces of plastic.

the eldery has affected me the most. i have seen many old women with blue lips, chattering teeth, and when i ask if they have a sweater to put on, just shaking heads.

we are going to be delivering all the sweaters from our storage to the elderly. and plan on brewing HUGE vats of coffee and choclate as well...just to try and warm some bodies and spirits these terrifying days.

will write more reflections and stories and pics when this is over. but for now please pray for Salvadorans, and if you can make a small donation we promise to make excellent use of it.

with dedicated volunteers, we are doing our best to help where and when we can in these wet wet times!

we are not in crisis in santiago tex YET but we are on the brink. hopefully with good communication and some prevention we can make a difference

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