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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Support Children by Donating Today

The following message is from Beth Tellman, who currently is working with the population of refugees who have fled to the temporary shelter established in the Camilo Campos school in Santiago Texacuangos. When we last spoke she and several volunteers were coloring pictures with the children of the families in the shelter. Thanks to much work in recent years to overhaul the region's disaster-response system, the situation in Santiago Texacuangos is stable thus far. Unfortunately, that is not the case for the regions of the country that have been hardest-hit by this triple tropical storm week. Read below to see how you can empower CEIBA to offer assistance to the most delicate regions in this hour of severe need. The need is immediate, so please consider acting now.


I know that you all and your various institutions are out supporting this country in these difficult moments.

We know that sometimes, although material needs like mattresses and food are covered, psychological support is left untended to, especially when it comes to children who survive disaster.

Our two collectives, Anmutsipical and CEIBA, are professionally trained in this area and we offer support in the municipality of Santiago Texacuangos. Here the shelter already houses 35 people who have fled their homes. This afternoon, we will go to Santo Tomas to see the situation there. Thus far, here in the southern part of San Salvador, all seems to be benefitting from a well-orchestrated disaster management effort from local governments, the Civilian Protection Ministry and other institutions, which have covered the majority of immediate material necessities.

Therefore, we would like to offer support in other regions of the country that have more immediate needs: places like the coast or the department of Ahuachapan, where the crisis has hit with more force and local authorities haven’t been able to respond adequately. What we lack to be able to reach that region is transport. If you would support us by donating funds for gasoline, we will be able to support the children of these delicate regions with our knowledge, materials and experience as they ride out yet another disaster.

Please see the formal financial proposal below.

Thank you,

CEIBA y Anmutsipical

Hurricanes Irwin and Jova
Psycho-Social Attention Project Proposal

Who We Are

We are two youth collectives, Anmu-tsipical and CEIBA, which work in social community development with an emphasis in socio-environmental themes. We emphasize community organization, especially in the municipalities of Santiago Texacuangos and Santo Tomas.

What We Do

Our two collectives have united to carry out several projects over time, such as one that offered psycho-social support for 300 children who survived Hurricane Ida and who reside in the communities of Joya Grande, San Martin, and Santo Tomas. This project lasted 6 months. We also belong to and work through the following Salvadoran national youth networks: Juxvida, Youth in Favor of Life (an environmental youth network), and CIPJES (the Inter-Sector Coordination in Favor of Youth in El Salvador.) These networks unite to support each other when we are in need of volunteers, to carry out large events, and in times of crisis. Finally, our two collectives together have together trained two Children’s Emergency Committees in Santiago Texacuangos.

The objective of carrying out this type of attention is to support children in expressing their emotions after having lived through trauma. We help them to understand what is happening and how it is related to their feelings, so they can understand it and feel themselves empowered to be part of the solution to the problem. Our methodology consists in using different interactive techniques, like painting and drawing, puppets and games, and movement therapies like yoga, which help the children to fully comprehend the crisis they’re living.

The Resources We Offer

We have a team of 3 to 6 trained psychologists along with some materials like paper, crayons, puppets, movies and games.

What We Need

In order to provide immediate attention we need either vehicles to provide transport, or gasoline to fill up our SUV and to provide food for the psychologists during the work days. This attention is necessary immediately and lasting throughout the effects of the storms.

Contact Us:


Telephone: 011-503-7403-2702- Beth or 011-503-7182-4827 Jonathan


Facebook: Ceiba El Salvador

Website: and espaƱol

Anmutsipical Collective:

Telephoen: 011-503-7904-5272 Juancho


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