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Current Projects

We are currently executing/fundraising for the following projects (scroll down to see full descriptions)
Computer Center ¨Ciber Cafe JUBDIS¨ ($11,000)

Check out this video of the youth group community flea market fundraiser- they raised over $100 in one day (which is a ton of money for El Salvador!)

Computer Center ¨Ciber Cafe JUBDIS¨ El Sauce, Santiago Texacuangos, El Salvador

Project description :

The Computer Center is a small, sustainable, solidarity based business built and run by youth in the community of El Sauce.  The space will be built on community land, as an annex to the community hurricane shelter, kitchen, and bathrooms.  The Center will house 6 computers, and be a modern space required to protect computers, including adequate ventilation and air conditioning and protection from storm surges.  Each computer will be equipped with headphones and a camera, antivirus programs, Microsoft Office, internet, and Skype for families to talk to their family members in the United States.  The Center will finish construction late June 2012, with finishing touches and inauguration ceremony with Dallas Jesuit Highschool boys delegation.  This project and budget has been written in collaboration with NGO CEIBA, the ADESCO (Community Board Development Association of El Sauce), and JUBDIS, the youth group in the community who has been dreaming of this project for nearly two years.


The center will benefit not only the community and school in El Sauce, but the 5 surrounding communities and 2 schools, none of which has access to computers or internet.  This will total about 5,000 who will potentially benefit from this service.  Currently, youth wishing to access computers or the internet travel to a nearby town of Olocuilta on a dangerous bus route often robbed. Olocuilta is dangerous gang territory, and going to this town to do homework provides a significant threat to young males.  Thus, a local computer center will save money, time, and increase the safety for youth to accomplish their homework and stay connected to the world.

Duration: 6 months (May 2012-October 2012: 3 months of construction, 3 months of training)
General Objective:  To build an efficient and sustainable computer center whose profits provide funding for youth projects, connects Salvadorans to the information age, and trains community members in skills that aid in education and employment.
Other objectives:
1.     Violence Prevention: This center will provide a space of safe recreation for youth, allowing them to download music, play games, and get connected to social networks such as facebook, email, twitter, and more. The location of the center will prevent hundreds of youth to travel to dangerous and nearby Olocuilta to get service.
2.     Education: Most of the centers profits will fund trainings for youth to attend for free,  including computer repair, Microsoft office programs, and more
3.     Support JUBDIS: The center will teach the youth group how to run a computer center, accounting, and more. The funds will support the group, and the group can create a web page to post projects , fundraise internationally, and network with other National youth groups.

4.     Finish Kitchen and Bathrooms: This project will improve services in the adjacent hurricane shelter by finishing the kitchen windows and doors, and putting doors on the bathrooms.

Budget Proposal for Computer Center
Building the Room (all materials)
7 Computers
Electrical Wiring/Installation
Manual Labor/Mason/ Construction

Unforseen Costs (10% of total) maintenance, price changes etc.

Total Cost


7 Computers (Bill Sladek)
Manual Labor/Mason/Construction (El Sauce Community)
Lights and Ceramic Tile Floor (El Sauce Community Board Association ADESCO)
May Volunteer Donation (Sapp and Gibson boys)
St. Thomas Aquinas Church Youth Group
Total Donated
Total Needed